Have a Go of It - 2010

Proving that there's no such thing as a sophomore jinx, I recorded...

Band Members

Howard Thompson (Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Mandolin, Juice Harp
Ray Jones (Drums, Vocals, Mix Master Engineer)
Jim Cannin (Bass, Keys, and Pick an instrument)
Ryan Meals (Guitars)
Scott Tamulinas (Bass)


Released January 9, 2016

Self-Titled Debut "SuiSideburns" Available on cdbaby, Itunes,

Let your hair down, trim the chops or chill to the sounds, SuiSideburns presents various styles of Americana, Rock, Soul and country in one setting. This band has been a project of Howard Thompson’s for several years and with the lifetime friendships and musicianship from band mates, Ray Jones, Scott Tamulinas, Jim Cannin and Ryan Meals the band is an evolving atmosphere. Each one of the members has been integral in many successful bands over the years and which brings a creative and musical vibe to each recording and performance.  With that being said 2016 is the year of the monkey and the time to be adventurous with SuiSideburns along their journey.

Walkin' Trail  - 2009

My debut album, recorded under the watchful eye of legendary...